MelissA finally spills her secrets and Emily teams up with EzrA to get some Ali dirt.
Historical figures like Vincent Van Gogh, Joseph Stalin, and Michelangelo have all had movies made about them... as if you didn't know.
He plays a thief and an ex-con alongside Michael Douglas and Evangeline Lilly in the upcoming Marvel movie.
You don't need blood, guts, and masked murderers to send chills down someone's spine.
Lily Allen gave the audience more than they bargained for during a festival, but she's definitely not the first.
by The Zimbio Staff
It's harder than you think.
The statuette is almost seven pounds, in case you're ever accepting one.
With the premiere of cycle 21 tonight and the return of Miss J (YAY!), we take a look back at the show's notables and what they're up to today.
The ladies and gents of Litchfield Penitentiary have come a very long way.
She raps on her new song, "Shake It Off." Prepare your ears.
From 'Up' to '2001' and 'The Shawshank Redemption,' things get very explodey.
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