Affleck's award acceptance speech for 'Argo' may have indicated stormy waters.
She kept her pregnancy a secret until she hit the red carpet.
One of last year's faves, The Guest, arrives next month along with Serena, and a new Netflix original series.
We give you a few memorable names; you tell us the movie they belong to. Let's play!
Now you can rock these playful pumps and support charity at the same time.
The actress plays mean girl Brooke Maddox in the TV adaptation of Wes Craven's iconic slasher franchise.
Director Paul Feig tweeted the pictures Monday.
Sometimes the insides are more interesting that the outsides.
Let's see if you're as skilled as you think you are.
He's working with a real-life magician, so don't worry.
You'll laugh. You'll cry. And it's only two minutes long.
"Is stalking okay as long as I use a private jet to get there?"
Steven Spielberg smelled what The Rock was cooking.
These movies know how to go out with a bang.
It has a script and the producer says "Maverick is playing Maverick."
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