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Because nothing says "I'm sorry for sleeping with the other guy" like sticking Grumpy Cat on a sofa.
Where does Lizzie McGuire's comeback song "Chasing the Sun" fall?
This year's geek fest may be over, but you can relive Comic-Con's most stylish moments.
Too soon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Too soon.
A look at the up-and-coming star's fashion-forward footsteps thus far.
Rumor has it, farmer wants a wife. But is he the right choice?
They've also cast the voice of “grandpa” rock troll Pabbie. But why no Olaf?
Everyone has one special thing. What's yours?
It's a battle of the reality TV stars, as two leading ladies (plus one rumored rookie) from the hit Bravo series debut their fashion lines on the same weekend.
Bet you didn't know she starred in Flipper and once dated Mark Wahlberg.
From Marilyn Monroe to Pablo Picasso, plenty of famous people have songs named after them.
One panel, six fierce ladies... Find out what we learned at the epic Comic-Con event.
These super fans wigged out in San Diego.
Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin will meet this Fall, but can anything top Urkel on Full House?
The Harry Potter star shows off some range as a murder suspect with devilish powers... and antlers.
For a Comic-Con panel, the always-stylish actress stepped it up in a big way.
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