The American Horror Story actress is quite popular — she was even pals with Rachael Leigh Cook in the Nancy Drew movie days.
Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks, Leighton Meester or Christina Hendricks?
Since it's the weekend and weekends are meant for guilty pleasures.
Jennifer Lawrence sings a capella in Mockingjay - Part 1. So how does she stack up against other stars?
Relive the greatest celebrity moments of the week!
The movie stays very faithful to the book, but there are a few differences.
How much hairspray do you think it took to make Cindy Crawford's hair that tall?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was just a dorky kid with long hair when he was a TV star in the late '90s.
The man behind one of the year's most powerful films reveals how he did it.
by The Zimbio Staff
Put your TV watching skills to the test!
by The Zimbio Staff
This quiz is sweet.
The Awkward star has a big job ahead of her in January.
Time to stock up on animated pet food!
If 'Catching Fire' set the 'Hunger Games' world ablaze, 'Mockingjay' shows us the ashes.
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