The Harry Potter Studio Tour is about to get a lot more magical.
It's all just rumor right now, but it's hard to pick anyone better suited to the role.
by The Zimbio Staff
Do not pass go, do not collect $200 until you take this quiz.
Word is Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon are in the final stages of finalizing their contracts.
Watch the whole team transform in the new clip!
by The Zimbio Staff
Journey into the bizarre world of marketing.
by The Zimbio Team
See how the celebs spend their downtime.
The 'Iron Man' star explains why he took a co-starring role in the third 'Captain America' movie.
Take this quiz and learn your fate.
by The Zimbio Staff
Journey with us to space, won't you?
See how Felicity, Ben, Noel, and the gang have held up over the last 13 years.
The director says the movie shows how war ruins soldiers and their families.
For our Northeastern brethren: Cuddle up and watch these frozen favorites.
Girlhood opens in limited release this week and it immediately joins a great list of films about girl besties 4-eva.
Eddie Redmayne's upset win might spell trouble for Michael Keaton.
Acura's 2015 Superbowl commercial features a very familiar face.
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