Spengler, Everdeen, MacGuff? How well do you know these movie characters?
We've checked the list twice and every guest star is nice.
Check out the first photos from the upcoming Netflix prequel series!
'Mad Max: Fury Road' director George Miller remembers what might have been.
The adorable actress will play the adorable fairy, replacing Elizabeth Banks.
A million licks for the winner!
It's totally okay to beat up children if they're trying to eat you.
A game to suit your patriotic palate before Memorial Day weekend.
After saying our sci-fi and fantasy obsessions were "infantalizing" us.
Check out all the hottest fashion from the annual star-studded charity gala.
You can now live in Regina George's house for $14.8 million. Take our money now!
Goodbyes are never funny, unless it's the 'Late Show.'
It's the age of the remake, and horror movies are the most popular victims (the new Poltergeist debuts this week).
At least they're not permanent... oh wait.
Bundy, Beckett, Tribbiani? How well do you know your favorite shows?
And you thought the Titanic hit an iceberg.
From its empowered female lead to its 'Vagina Monologues' connection and the inevitable backlash.
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