They didn't rule the TV shows they were on, but they still stole our hearts.
Rumor has it tensions with author E.L. James led to the split.
Murals and messages that show up only in the rain make being wet pretty cool.
Are you more likely to teach a valuable lesson or survive a hellish dystopia? Let's find out!
These pictures will make you so glad that 2003 is over.
by The Zimbio Staff
The singer-songwriter/actress is now answering your burning questions.
There's nothing like two peas in a pod.
Jamie Foxx will play Kid Dynamite, but nothing can touch the real thing.
Joy will hit theaters this Christmas, and the story is incredible stuff.
See what everyone is adding to their queues right now right now.
Meet Lana Condor, who must have turned in a killer audition!
It was for a segment on the new Late Late Show.
Or, make you realize Disney characters are impractical beings.
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