Are you Team #whiteandgold or Team #blueandblack?
Their movie star looks couldn't cover up their weird hang-ups, but they've done all right for themselves.
Neill Blomkamp and Weaver said as much in a new interview.
Classic in the front, party in the back.
by The Zimbio Staff
You'll recognize all of these landmarks, but placing them on a map might be a different story.
So can someone please email this report to every casting director in the world?
by The Zimbio Staff
In west Philadelphia born and raised...
Olivia Wilde headlines a great cast in The Lazarus Effect this week which reminded us of these other star-powered horror flicks.
Find out when your '80s and '90s movies will actually make it back to the big screen.
by The Zimbio Staff
Do you know your Tim McGraw from your Keith Urban?
She's the semi-evil government agent who handles the team of former evildoers.
The circumstances change dramatically, but the outcome's (almost) always the same.
She and other celebs have learned the hard way that gravity is the great equalizer.
An abandoned Steven Spielberg project would have cast the aliens as home invaders.
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