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From the first time Meredith Grey wielded a scalpel to the moment she won the coveted Harper Avery award, I was with her. As a longtime Grey's Anatomy fan, I've seen doctors come and go, and relationships flourish and die. I've endured the show's many deaths and countless tragedies. After 14 long seasons, however, I have to admit that the quality of the ABC series has finally fizzled out. More than half of the core cast has either died or left, the new characters aren't all that interesting, and I'm starting to think the writers have run out of ideas. Watching the series now seems more like an act of loyalty than something to look forward to. 
And with fresh medical shows like The Good Doctor and The Resident, can Grey's even compete? What's a diehard fan got to do to satiate her thirst for O.R. drama? Here's an idea: Relive the show's greatest moments! Read on for a rundown of the best Grey's moments of all time.