I'll Vote for Free Food Any Day

By Tatiana Guertin on
5:52 pm, Antioch Baptist Church, San Jose, CAOther than the confusion of showing up at the wrong polling place, my voting experience was pretty uneventful. In my defense, my correct polling location was actually across the street from the location I had mistaken as my own, an easy mistake to make when there are "VOTE!" signs everywhere and no address in sight.Luckily there was no one in line. Actually, calling what I waited in a line would be too kind, since there were only three people ahead...Read Full Story

Zimbio Electoral Results

By JJ Duncan on
Senate Elections (projected winners)South Carolina: Republican Lindsay GrahamVirginia: Democrat Mark WarnerWest Virginia: Democrat Jay RockefellerTennessee: Republican Lamar AlexanderNew Jersey: Democrat Frank LautenbergMassachusetts: Democrat John KerryMaine: Republican Susan CollinsIllinois: Democrat Dick DurbinAlabama: Republican Jeff SessionsArkansas: Democrat Mark PryorKansas: Republican Pat RobertsKentucky: Mitch McConnellMichigan: Democrat Carl LevinMississippi: Republican Thad...Read Full Story

Team Zimbio Heads to the Polls

By JJ Duncan on
(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images North America)Like the rest of America, team Zimbio headed to the polls today to vote in the most-hyped election ever.We've compiled the accounts of our voting experiences to create a window into what's happening on the ground. Obviously there is some selection bias since we're a Silicon Valley-based company, but our accounts represent several parts of the greater Bay Area.Jake SwearingenAssociate Editor, Zimbio.comPolling Station: 1045 Capp St., San...Read Full Story

Babies for Obama

By Livingly Staff on
8:17am, Ventura School, Palo Alto, California My 9 month-old daughter likes to vote.  She enjoys flipping through the voter information book, staring at the volunteers, sucking on the paper ballot, and then playing with the little "I voted" sticker.We voted with an absentee ballot, but dropped it off in person at the voting station.  My hope was to avoid long lines.  Turns out, there were no lines.My daughter is a proud Obama supporter.  She voted for Obama on Super Tuesday back in February...Read Full Story

Voting Is One Task On A Long 'To Do' List

By Olivia on
Polling Station: 1446 Francisco Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 Time: 8:00 am For a highly anticipated day of a landmark election, the line that I joined this morning seemed filled with bored professionals. It was 8 a.m., and there were pinstriped business suits, yoga clothes, and a lone Obama T-shirt queued for the length of half a block outside a filthy garage. People drank coffee out of thermoses, flipped through their 'California General Election' handbooks (so did I), browsed their...Read Full Story

Rock the Hope

By John Newlin on
7:04am, First Baptist Church, Monte Sereno, California On the most important election day our lives, the polls were a bit underwhelming. I think everyone was expecting chaos. Background: I live in a very white neighborhood of the Silicon Valley. The residents are a mixture of old money, venture capitalists, hedge fund millionaires. And me. My polling station is/was in a church, which strikes me as weird because aren’t we supposed to keep church and state separate? Yet on the most important...Read Full Story

An Absentee Voter at Emery High

By Alicia Dennis on
Polling Station: Emery High School, 1100 47th Street Emeryville, CA 94608 Time: 7:45 AMI voted a week ago.  I drew the lines, signed my name, placed two stamps in the envelope’s corner. I dropped it in a mailbox across the street from my apartment and wondered why it felt, already, that the world had changed.I'm ashamed to admit this was my first vote in a Presidential election.  I'd been registered in Texas four years ago, which allowed me an apathetic certainty that my vote wouldn't make...Read Full Story

Voting Anticlimactic in Heated Election

By JJ Duncan on
Polling Station: St. Francis of Assissi; 145 Guerrerro St. San Francisco, CA 94103Time: 7:45 a.m. Voting is the ultimate anticlimax.After a full year of the most intense political campaigning most of us have ever seen, completing the arrows on three sheets of paper does not embody the energy and emotion poured into this election. It doesn't help that everything went so smoothly.I didn't feel intimidated. I didn't see any signs of voter fraud. I didn't even have to wait in line. It would have...Read Full Story

Voting is Like Going to the Post Office Except You Get a Sticker and a New President

By Jake on
Polling Station: 1045 Capp St, San Francisco, CA 94110 Time: 7:55 amFor me, voting was the exact opposite of pimping – it was easy. (However, like pimping, it is necessary.) At my polling station in the Mission in San Francisco, there was a quick-moving line of professionals scrolling through emails on iPhones and Blackberrys, Latino mothers with kids, and young hipsters wiping the hangover out of their eyes. Incidents were few. A woman behind me had just moved to the neighborhood and wasn’t...Read Full Story