Slutty Prom Dresses

By Mercedes on
Panoply Prom Dress available for $370.00If your one of the many girls who are looking for something a bit more risque' this prom season, then we've got just what you've been lookin' for. It shouldn't be hard to find a prom dress that's a little more revealing with cut-out silhouettes being all the rage this season. Although, it might be a bit challenging to sneak past mom and dad in that tantalizing number, but if your successful then your sure to catch more than a few head-turns at prom this...Read Full Story

Asian Prom Dresses

By Carly on
When thinking of an Asian Prom dress, usually one specific style comes to mind, but those days are over. There are several variations available, all inspired by that same classic style and silhouette. If you're looking for an Asian dress for your 2010 Prom, you can do sexy, traditional, modern or many other fabulous styles. Take a look at a few variations that we've found. This gold silk embroidered dress features the traditional Chinese look with a sexy twist. The princess seams, figure...Read Full Story

Cheap Zebra Print Prom Dresses

By Carly on
If you're Prom shopping on a budget but still want to make a statement, take an affordable walk on the wild side with one of these exotic styles. One of the great perks of wearing a bold gown is that you're actually supposed to keep the accessories to a minimum, so you'll automatically save extra cash. Just a simple bangle and some hot shoes should do it and you're ready to go. Take a look at some of our finds that are all under $200 and make waves at your 2010 Prom!Join the drama club: wear...Read Full Story

Unique Prom Dresses

By Alicia Dennis on
Unique YouThe last thing you want to remember about your prom is how you arrived, radiant and decked to the nines, only to discover that girl in your Biology class was wearing the exact same dress in the same color. With the same shoes, natch. While accidental twins can make for interesting party conversation, dress duplication is not exactly every girl's perfect prom dream. That's why you want to find the most unique prom dress possible. Here are our suggestions:1. Check out your local...Read Full Story

Affordable Prom Dresses

By Carly on
Times are tough and you're on a budget but that doesn't mean that you can't look fabulous for you 2010 Prom. Looking hot doesn't mean that you have to blow your savings or beg your parents for money. We've found some hot styles that are affordable and will keep you right on trend for your big night. Remember that accessories go a long way and a hot hairstyle is a great way to look like a star. Also, a figure-flattering look is the best way to look like a million bucks. Find the right style...Read Full Story