The ABCs of Damon and Bonnie

Here are 26 reasons why this Final 2 couple is totally awesome.

The ABCs of Damon and Bonnie
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Waiting. 7 long years of waiting.

Damon and Bonnie have been central characters on The Vampire Diaries, but the show's depiction of them is quite different than what transpired in the books. Still, fervent Bamon fans have stood by their One True Pairing through it all, and they are hopeful that the adorable twosome will finally get together. During the Final Four round of Zimbio's fifth annual TV Couples March Madness, Damon and Bonnie beat out Teen Wolf's Stiles and Lydia (a.k.a Stydia) in an epic battle. With their hearts set on the top prize, Bamon shippers are more than ready to represent their ride or die ship.

To celebrate the Final Four couples, we played a fun game on Twitter and asked each fandom to give us the ABCs of their OTP. We've compiled the best responses for the ABCs of Bamon. Check them out below.

A is for Allies

B is for Bourbon and Banter

C is for Cuddles <3

D is for Damon Talking Shit (As Usual)

E is for Evolution

F is for Friendship!

G is for Glacial blue & verdant Green!

H is for Healing

I is for Ian Somerhalder (a.k.a The Ultimate Bamon Supporter)

J is for Judgy

K is for Krystal *Eye Roll*

L is for "Lose My Mind"

M is for Magic

N is for Nicknames and never "lay a hand on her"

O is for the Other Side

P is for Pancakes, of course!

Q is for Quest

R is for Real Talk

S is for Snark, Sass, and Sacrifice

T is for Talking Hours

U is for Unresolved Sexual Tension

V is for Vampcakes

W is for "Where are you going?"

X is for Xtreme Hotties

Y is for "You're Stuck With Me"

Z is for Zeitgeist

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