2016 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in the Championship Round!

A record-breaking 4.4 million votes later, our final two ships have been chosen.

2016 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in the Championship Round!
The CW/Art by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio

You did it, shippers! 4.4 million votes later, you've put in a full one million votes more than last year. We now have our final two couples, and while it won't be easy, it's time to crown a reigning champion.

Against all odds, the always-a-contender ship of SwanQueen was been defeated. The unstoppable force that is The 100's Clarke and Lexa got the jump on the beloved Once Upon a Time ship, proving that the Clexa fandom is both passionate and motivated this year. The Vampire Diaries' Damon and Bonnie also proved victorious this round, despite the Stydia fandom's dedication and vigor.

Last year, Clexa found themselves the runner-up ship, falling behind Person of Interest's Root and Shaw. Will this year be their time in the warm shipping sun? We'll know in three days.

We here at Zimbio would like to offer our sincerest condolences to those whose ships have passed in the night; we've been very impressed by the love each fandom has for their OTP. It's never easy to put your heart into a ship and see it passed over, but what's most important is that you gave it your all. Now, it's time to name a champ.

So who will be crowned the winner on Friday, March 25: Clexa or Bamon? Click on our interactive bracket (above) to vote for your favorite, or cast your vote in the poll below. And be sure to follow Zimbio (@zimbio) on Twitter and Tumblr for all the latest 2016 TV Couples March Madness Challenge updates!

Voting ends Friday, March 25 at 10am PST.

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