The ABCs of Clarke and Lexa

Find out why this Final 2 couple is so crazy popular.

The ABCs of Clarke and Lexa
The CW

“I'm the Commander. No one fights for me.”

That may have been true on The 100, but in real life the Clexa fandom is more than willing to protect the honor of their One True Pairing. In the Final Four round of Zimbio's fifth annual TV Couples March Madness, Clarke and Lexa duked it out against Once Upon a Time's powerhouse couple Emma and Regina (a.k.a SwanQueen). The Clexa fandom came out victorious, and they certainly have their eyes set on the championship crown.

To celebrate the Final Four couples, we played a fun game on Twitter and asked each fandom to give us the ABCs of their OTP. We've compiled the best fan responses for the ABCs of Clexa. Check them out below.

A is for Amazing couple

B is for the Bow

C is for Commanders

D is for Dedication

E is for Electric

F is for Fundraiser!

G is for Greatness

H is for Happiness

I is for "I want you"

J is for "Jus drein jus daun"

K is for Kiss

L is for "Life is about more than just surviving"

M is for "Maybe someday"

N is for "Not everyone, not you." *Ugly crying*

O is for Osir Gonplei Nou Ste Odon

P is for Potential

Q is for Quick Wit

R is for Reshop Heda

S is for SoulMates

T is for Trust and True Love

U is for Unique

V is for the Vow

W is for Warriors

X is for XAnax

Y is for "You and I"

Z is for Zombies

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