Watch 'Sesame Street' Characters Spoof Your Favorite TV Shows

By Deena Bustillo on
Sesame StreetIf you're in the market for a new dream job, you should probably add "Creator of Sesame Street Parodies" to your list. We've all seen the Cookie Monster spoof of "Call Me Maybe," but did you know the beloved kids' show has also tackled a ton of the best shows on the tube? True Mud for True Blood, for instance, and Homelamb for Homeland. See! How fun does that sound?Get inspired by Sesame Street stars tackling your favorite big-kid TV shows. "True Mud"Spoof of: True BloodPremise...Read Full Story

18 Ways to Mourn the Loss of NBC's Thursday Comedy Block

By Hayley Igarashi on
(NBC)Once upon a time, Thursday meant comedy night on NBC. A world-weary couch potato could cast his or her troubles aside for a couple of hours of goofy, hilarious hijinks with characters who felt a lot like friends. While beloved favorites like Seinfeld, Friends, The Office and 30 Rock have bowed out over the years, new comedy shows continually cropped up (with varying degrees of success) to continue the fine tradition of laughs on Thursday night.  Now, however, with the recent cancellation...Read Full Story

TV Tonight: '30 Rock' Says Goodbye, 'Vampire Diaries' Goes Back to the 80s

By Jill Slattery on
(Photos courtesy of The CW and NBC)Tonight on the tube, The Vampire Diaries goes totally tubular with an 80s dance, the boys of Glee get naked for a calendar shoot, and 30 Rock signs off with a one-hour farewell. Here's tonight's noteworthy TV listings:8pm30 Rock | In the series finale, Liz settles into her new role and Jack reflects on the developments in his life. Elsewhere, Kenneth adapts to his new job, and Jenna gears up to perform a farewell song as the cast and crew reassemble for one...Read Full Story

The 22 Best Liz Lemon GIFs of All Time

By Jill Slattery on
(Photo courtesy of NBC)After seven seasons of one-liners, cutaway gags, trucker hat slogans, and just plain good advice (never follow a hippie to a second location), it's time to say goodbye to 30 Rock. And what better way to bid adieu to the show that gave us cheesy blasters and MILF Island than with a tribute to the woman at the heart of it all: Liz Lemon. We may not all have the same favorite 30 Rock episode or Jack Donaghy quote, but we can certainly all agree that Tina Fey's memorable...Read Full Story

Let's Come Up with Names for the '30 Rock' Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: NBC)Sadly, this Thursday marks the end of 30 Rock's hilarious and weird run. It will be hard to say goodbye to Liz Lemon and the gang, but when god shuts a door, he opens a pint of Ben & Jerry's... or something like that.The Vermont creamery will honor the TGS team with their very own flavor, putting 30 Rock in the company of Stephen Colbert (Americone Dream), that classic Alec Baldwin SNL sketch (Schweddy Balls), Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road), and, of course, Jerry "Cherry...Read Full Story