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Aaron Paul 'Felony' Premieres in LA — Part 2
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Aaron Paul A Night with PurpleHaus Music
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Aaron Paul Aaron Paul Gets Lunch
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March 2009 - April 2010
Jessica Lowndes and Aaron Paul started dating in the spring of 2009, when Paul gushed about how much he loved...
2009 - April 2010
Aaron was gushing about his girlfriend Jessica in early 2010, but just a few months later they split up.

Weekend Watch: Could an Ape Win an Oscar?

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Weekend Watch: '22 Jump Street' Looks to Break the Sequel Rule

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Aaron Paul Is the Celebrity Other Celebrities Love the Most

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(Instagram) When you're in the business of being famous, you tend to play it cool when it comes to other famous people. After all, you're all part of the same club. That said, there is one man who celebs can't help but fawn over, one star who makes other stars starstuck. That man is Aaron Paul. Now Aaron Paul has has done plenty to endear himself to the likes of you and me, whether it's playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, hugging pizza delivery guys, sending the BB crew thank-you gifts, or...Read Full Story

'Need for Speed' Never Slows Down, or Makes Sense

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(Dreamworks)Long story short: It's another macho action movie with great stunt work and zero smarts. Need for Speed will remind you of: Every Fast and Furious movie, The Chase, Days of Thunder, The TransporterReview: In the hierarchy of modern cinematic macho posturing, Need for Speed rests comfortably somewhere below the The Fast and the Furious. It's not quite as obnoxious as that movie, but it's still two hours of the same thing. Based on a video game, the film's predictable plot and over...Read Full Story

Aaron Paul Never Shook Making 'Need for Speed', Says He Used to Dream as Pinkman

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Scott Waugh and Aaron Paul (Photo by Zimbio) Speaking with the star and director of Need for Speed, it's easy too see why Dreamworks gave these guys $66 million to make a live action version of the popular video game. They definitely live and breathe this stuff. Aaron Paul, the Breaking Bad star, and Scott Waugh, the former stunt man, are both adrenaline junkies who consider 100 mph child's play. The film follows Paul as a gearhead who ends up in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He's...Read Full Story
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