#3: Abbie Jane Swogger

By Jake on
#3: Abbie Jane Swogger Name: Abbie Jane Swogger School: Highlands Senoir High School City: Natrona Heights, PA Age of Teacher: 28 Age of Students: Some were as young as 14, the oldest was 17 Rank: 21 Charges: Included involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors and possession with intent to deliver crack cocaine Summary: Abbie Jane Swogger was a 34-year-old teacher's aide at Highlands Senior High School. On the night of February 21...Read Full Story

Abbiejane Swogger Adds 33 New Charges to Her Record

By Tatiana Guertin on
Abbiejane Swogger, the stripper turned special education aide arrested this past February for throwing a hotel sex party for a group of under aged children, has had 33 new charges added to her bill.The 34-year-old Swogger is now being charged with indecent assault and corruption of minors, stripping for teens and having sex with at least two boys and more. Already being charged with drug and corruption of minors after police found suspected crack cocaine, marijuana, empty beer cans and used...Read Full Story