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LISTEN: Robyn Made a New Song with The Lonely Island Boys

By Lani Conway on
Fans have been waiting for new music from Swedish electro-pop singer Robyn ever since she made her comeback with 2010's Body Talk. But this may or may not exactly be what fans had in mind. The songstress teamed up with yolo bros The Lonely Island for a new #WACKWEDNESDAY jam "Go Kindergarten." The singer's role is unfortunately minimized to a few catchy pop hooks, while the video, which apparently is from a rehearsal, isn't shy about its awkward paper bag dancing and hashtag communication...Read Full Story

WATCH: The Lonely Island Take on Adult Responsibilities in 'Diaper Money'

By Lani Conway on
Ah the joys of marriage and having kids. Doesn't it look and sound so sweet? The Lonely Island jokesters released their latest video for "Diaper Money," a real talk ode to being a "grown ass man." So, what do you do when you've locked down the girl, popped out a few kids, and brought home the bacon? You pick out a cozy highway-side grave plot, naturally, and leave the rest to fate.Read Full Story