Long Lost Sandler Twins Reunited

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Scathing Review Quotes for Adam Sandler's 'Pixels'

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'Pixels' Is Something You Don't Want To Watch

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Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Revisit Their Famous 'Happy Gilmore' Feud

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The Definitive Adam Sandler Movie Rankings

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Retro Video Games Destroy Cities in the New 'Pixels' Posters

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Am I the Only One Weirded Out by the Trailer for Adam Sandler's New Movie 'The Cobbler'?

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Adam Sandler Will Star In and Produce 4 Movies for Netflix

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First Look: Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, and Peter Dinklage in Next Summer's 'Pixels'

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Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Engagement Ring, Hides Her Baby Belly on the Red Carpet

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Getty ImagesToday in juicy celebrity gossip: Mila Kunis uses Channing Tatum as a baby bump-blocker on the red carpet, Gwyneth Paltrow thanks fans for being supportive about her split, Selena Gomez gets dragged into Bieber's legal woes, and more...Rings and Things Mila Kunis hit the red carpet for the first time since her engagement and pregnancy news broke, but she chose to show off her rock instead of her bump. There to help her on that front was Jupiter Ascending co-star Channing Tatum...Read Full Story