Akie Abe meets with high school students

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Akie Abe spoke to high school students and encouraged them to create a strong relationship between Japan and China. She said, "I hope to see you work for a better Japan-China relationship by keeping good friendships with people you meet."Read Full Story

First Lady Akie Abe makes diplomatic debut in China

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Linked from Daily Yomiuri News reports Akie Abe makes good on first diplomatic journey as a First Lady: --- Chinese news organizations showed great interest in Akie, 44, with the state-run Xinhua News Agency describing her as a wife who chooses her husband's clothes, while at the same time helping him win the presidency of the Liberal Democratic Party. The news agency also reported on Akie's interests, including her stint as a DJ...Read Full Story

A little bit about Akie Abe, a.k.a. "Akky"

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Akie Abe is 44 years old and was born in Tokyo.  She is part of the Matsuzaki clan. Her father, Akio, was the president of the Morinaga confectionary company.   Akie Abe once worked for Dentsu, where she met up with her current husband, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  They got married in 1987.  Akie "Akky" Abe is also known for having appeared as an FM radio DJ.       Know more about the new first lady of Japan?  Let us know...Read Full Story