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Linda Robertson Called a 'K Street Whore' by Congressman Alan Grayson

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(Getty Images | Inset from justgetthere.us)Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), is the fiery liberal congressman who gained national attention after claiming that Republicans health care plan consisted of wanting sick people to "die quickly." Grayson is back in the news after claiming the senior Federal Reserve adviser, Linda Robertson, is a "K Street whore." He made the claim while appearing on Alex Jones' talk radio program, while railing against what he perceives as a lack of oversight by Congress...Read Full Story

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) Says GOP Health Care Plan Is to 'Die Quickly'

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Alan Grayson has been making waves lately, as the Democratic representative has hit the war path of health care reform. On Tuesday, he gave a presentation on the Senate floor in which he sarcastically said the Republican health care plan was to "die quickly if you get sick." When enraged GOP members of the House demanded an apology, he instead likened the lack of health insurance among millions as a "holocaust in America." He is now being threatened with sanctions by some Republican...Read Full Story