Despite Alena Schurkova's warnings, Simona Halep will get a breast reduction

Alena Schurkova has sparked a debate about whether pro female athletes should get breast reductions.  Schurkova is encouraging women to remain their natural size and shape.
17-year-old Romanian female professional tennis star Simona Halep, who won the junior French Open last year, has decided that she will have a breast reduction later this year.  Halep hinted that she was considering a breast reduction earlier this spring which sparked a debate about professional athletes and breast reduction surgeries.

Alena Schurkova, a pro volleyball player, encouaged Simona to maintain her natural shape.  The statement made immediate headlines.  Schurkova feared that if high profile professional women athletes began to get breast reductions, it would send a dangerous message to high school athletes.

However, Halep feels that her large breasts are a competitive disadvantage in tennis.  She has decided to move forward with plans for a breast reduction regardless of the press coverage.
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