Interpol getting involved with Alex Litvinenko

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Interpol is now helping coordinate the investigation into the poisoning death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.Read Full Story

Lastest Alexander Litvinenko news - Dmitry Kovtun in a coma!

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Linked from --- Russian businessman Dmitry Kovtun, a key figure in the poisoning investigation of ex-security agent Alexander Litvinenko, is in a coma, a Russian news agency said ThursdayRead Full Story

British police still investigating Litvinenko's death

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The exact nature of Litvinenko's death remains a mystery: --- Linked from --- The British police sought to investigate the death of Alexander V. Litvinenko, a former Russian KGB agent, said a British official on Sunday. "British policemen have gone as far as saying no more than this is a suspicious death that they are investigating and they have ruled out no option," said John Reid, the Home Secretary and Britain's most senior...Read Full Story

Litvinenko was Recruiting Assassins

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Former spy Alexander Litvinenko spoke about recruiting assassins to support his colleagues. --- Full story: ---Read Full Story