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Alexandra Wentworth "Divorce" New York Premiere
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Alexandra Wentworth 'An Evening With Jerry Seinfeld and Amy Schumer' - Inside
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Alexandra Wentworth Pictures and Bio

By JJ Duncan on
Alexandra Wentworth is an actress and comedian who has appeared several times on The View. She's married to political pundit George Stephanopoulos, but that isn't her only link to politics. Wentworth's mother, Mabel Cabot, was the White House Social Secretary to first lady Nancy Reagan, and her father, Eric Wentworth, was a reporter for the Washington Post. Instead of going into a career in politics or journalism, Alexandra Wentworth pursued acting and comedy and in 1991 she landed her...Read Full Story

Alexandra Wentworth Appears as Guest Co-Host on 'The View'

By Deena Bustillo on
Getty ImagesAlexandra Wentworth, ABC's Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos' wife, filled in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck as the fifth female co-host on the talkshow The View this morning. She gabbed with the gals and famed basketball player LeBron James, who was the guest on the show. Alexandra comes from, and married into, a family with close ties to politics and media: her father is well-known Washington Post reporter Eric Wentworth and her mother, Mabel Cabot, was Nancy...Read Full Story

Ali Wentworth, Limits Twitter Use in Her House

By Tiffanie on
At a party she hosted this weekend, commedienne Ali Wenworth talked about how she limits the use of Twitter in the home she shares with husband George Stephanopoulos. White House Correspondents reported:(Getty images) WHCInsider has learned that George Stephanopoulos is not permitted to tweet when Ali Wentworth is talking. Ali also doesn’t permit BlackBerrys in the bedroom and says tweeting should be something you do when you’re alone.Read Full Story