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Ali Kay  MBFW: Front Row at Diane Von Furstenberg
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Ali Kay, the Woman at the Center of the Miller Vs. Von Furstenberg Battle

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images | Inset from TMZ.com)Ali Kay is the beautiful young lady engaged to marry California millionaire Alex Von Furstenberg. But when she and retired NBA star Reggie Miller met briefly in a super market back in March, the two started sending each other text messages. A LOT of text messages. Miller and Kay sent each other more than 50 text messages in a 6 hour span, including 2 pictures Ali sent of herself revealing more skin than is probably appropriate for someone who is already...Read Full Story

Reggie Miller Obtains Restraining Order Against Enraged Von Furstenberg

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images. Oh boy: Reggie Miller has reportedly obtained a restraining order against Alexander Von Furstenberg, son of iconic fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, after a near-altercation outside a Malibu, California restaurant.Miller alleges that Von Furstenberg threatened to "beat [him] down" on October 17, when Miller stopped by Coogie's Beach Café for takeout. In court documents released by Radar Online, Miller claims that Von Furstenberg proceeded to make "threats of physical...Read Full Story

Ali Kay, Fiancee of Alex von Furstenburg, Allegedly Harassed by NBA's Reggie Miller

By Tiffanie on
Ali Kay, who in engaged to Alex von Furstenburg, son of designer Diane von Furstenburg, is apparently the object of former NBA player Reggie Miller's relentless desire.Miller allegedly harrassed Kay by phone and text and threatened Alex Von Furstenburg when confronted about his behavior.The London Daily Mail reported: The matter seemed to have ended when each party's lawyers got involved, and Mr von Fursternberg issued a statement saying: 'I was very upset about Reggie's behavior towards my...Read Full Story