Celebrities with Different Colored Eyes

According to some of the more generous calendars out there, every day is reserved for a special occasion — from the well-known like "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" to the more ridiculous like "National Hot Dog Eating Day" — and today is no different. July 12 is, believe it or not, "Different Colored Eyes Day," and it's in celebration of this holiday(?) that we've rounded up the most recognizable celebs who have eyes of a different color.

Alice Eve (right: green, left: blue)
'Star Trek Into Darkness' Premieres in London 8
Mila Kunis (right: green, left: hazel)
'Max Payne' Los Angeles Premiere
Jane Seymour (right: brown, left: green)
21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Red Carpet
Kate Bosworth (right: brown, left: blue)
The Art of Elysium's 2nd Annual Black Tie Charity Gala
Josh Henderson (right: blue, left: green)

Elizabeth Berkley (right: brown and green, left: green)

Henry Cavill (right: blue, left: blue and partially brown)

David Bowie (Bowie has blue eyes, but a punch from a childhood buddy — over a girl — paralyzed the singer's left pupil, giving the appearance of two different colors.)

Simon Pegg (both eyes: partially brown and blue)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (right: blue, left: blue and partially hazel)

(Photos: Getty Images | FameFlynet | Bauer Griffin)
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