Alice Ramsey's Coast-to-Coast Journey Recreated by Emily Anderson

In 1909 Alice Ramsey became the first woman to drive all the way across the United States, from New York to San Francisco. In celebration of the 100 year anniversary of her achievement, a crew led by event planner Emily Anderson recreated the same journey last summer.

Alice Ramsey (
According to, Anderson and Ramsey both drove a 1909 Maxwell DA (not the most reliable automobile for this sort of thing). Anderson's vehicle was built by her antique-loving dad Richard Anderson, who worked on it with a couple of friends from parts they'd picked up all over the world.

Emily said, "It really was a tremendous effort by so many people to get us across the country. It showed me the heart of America was open to us in a big way that I don't think would normally be so open had we been in a modern-day vehicle."

Emily Anderson in the 1909 Maxwell DA (
Still, Anderson had to deal with many breakdowns throughout her 30-day journey, along with tons of insects. It took Alice Ramsey about twice that long to make the trip, because the America she traveled through was totally different from the one we know today. Anderson said, "We traveled at a faster rate simply because we could. Alice only had 152 miles of paved roadway in 1909, and those roads were primarily within the cities. ... Otherwise it was all wagon trails, and that's some difficult terrain to cross."