Obama on Letterman: 'I Was Actually Black Before the Election'

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(Getty Images, youtube.com)Continuing his media blitz from Sunday, Barack Obama stopped by Late Night with David Letterman today, managing to walk the fine line of joking around the the talk show host while still staying on message. In what's sure to be the biggest moment from the internet, Obama affably downplays the suggestion that opposition to his administration and its policies is racially motivated, deadpanning, "I think it's important to realize that I was actually black before the...Read Full Story

President Obama Calls Kanye West a 'Jackass' Off the Record

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(Getty Images)An off-the-record remark made by President Barack Obama during a CNBC interview made it to Twitter via ABC reporter Terry Moran last night. And now we can all breathe a sigh of relief because we know what the prez thinks of Kanye West's VMA stunt. "Pres. Obama just called Kanye West a 'jackass' for his outburst at VMAs when Taylor Swift won. Now THAT'S presidential," Moran wrote on his Twitter account. The Tweet was quickly taken down, but it was too late. It had already...Read Full Story

Aaron Schock, Michelle Obama, Compliment Each Other's Physiques

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Congressman Aaron Schock (from TMZ.com) and Michelle Obama (Getty Images)Who says Democrats and Republicans can't get along? Freshman Illinois Congressman Aaron Schock revealed that he and First Lady Michelle Obama had an exchange about their physical assets.Schock, who is known for his 6-pack abs which he showed off for Stephen Colbert, will appear on NPR's pre-taped quiz show Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me this weekend. In one segment, the 27-year-old congressman who once said that he and...Read Full Story

Madame Tussauds' Celebrates Obama Birthday With Wax Party

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President Barack Obama was spotted partying it up with Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Wednesday in New York. Fortunately everyone was made of wax, thus preventing what would have been an inevitably awkward party.Madame Tussauds' wax museum celebrated the president's 48th birthday by putting party hats on the wax sculptures, but first lady Michelle Obama was noticeably absent. You'd think that instead of partying with a couple of very dour-looking Republicans, the...Read Full Story

Barack Obama Joker Poster a Hit With Obama Haters

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A new satirical Obama poster has been spotted around Los Angeles and is now making its way around the Internet.The poster, which seems like a negative, less pithy version of Shepard Fairey's "Hope" image, features a picture of President Barack Obama wearing the Joker's make-up with the word "Socialism" underneath. The image has already received very prominent placement on Drudge Report and Newsbusters is trying to find out who created it.Bedlam Magazine of Los Angeles discovered the image...Read Full Story

Obama Sticks to Bud Light at Beer Summit

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President Barack Obama played it safe at the press-dubbed "Beer Summit" Thursday. Avoiding another dijon mustard elitist debacle, the president stuck with Bud Light as he had a beer with Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley.Insisting it was an informal meeting to discuss the differences between Gates and the officer who arrested him after he was seen forcing open the front door of his home, Obama and VP Joe Biden both arrived in shirtsleeves. The two...Read Full Story

Obama Lobs in First Pitch at All-Star Game

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(Getty Images)President Barack Obama showed up at the All-Star Game Tuesday night to throw out the first pitch, and let's just say he's better on the basketball court.Obama was the first president to throw at an All-Star Game since Gerald Ford in 1976. After warming up with catcher Albert Pujols, the president took to the field in a White Sox jacket to lob a high-arching pitch to Pujols, who seemed to just catch the ball. Obama was met with both cheers and boos, but Pujols reassured the prez...Read Full Story

Tiger Wants a Piece of the Prez

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(Getty Images) Bowling. Running. Basketball. And now golf? If the president makes a habit of accepting all the sports challenges that come his way, he won't have any time for the office. But that won't stop Barack Obama from going drive for drive against the greatest golfer in the game. ZIMBIO POLL Who would win if Tiger and Obama went head to head? VOTE HERE The Washington Post reports that after winning the AT&T National Sunday in Washington, DC, Tiger Woods said as soon as their...Read Full Story

New Map Shows You How to Eat Like Obama

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(Getty Images | Inset from Google Maps) Do you want to dine like the president and eat at all the awesome D.C. restaurants where he and/or first family members have popped up? Of course you do! He's the president and he probably gets all the best tips on where to eat.A new Google map shows you all the yummy places where the Obamas have eaten. Alex Nicholson of Brightest Young Things created this map and says, "If you tell your boss you are making an “Obama Ate Here” Google Map, and she says...Read Full Story

Photographers, Obama at Odds Over First Daughter Pictures

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U.S. President Barack Obama's daughter Sasha waves to him from the Truman Balcony after he arrived on the south lawn of the White House via Marine One May 14, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama was returning from a trip to Arizona and New Mexico. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)OK so no one wants the Obama girls hounded by papparazzi, but the Obama administration's tight control on when it is and isn't OK to take their pictures is getting a tad ridiculous. U.S. President Barack Obama's...Read Full Story