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Police Tasers and Andrew Meyer

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There are two active news stories this week that involve police tasers.  Press attention on taser incidents is sparking a debate about whether or not police should be armed with tasers, and if so, when they should use these weapons. For background, here is a bit of info on Taser guns : The name Taser is an acronym for "Thomas A. Swift's Electric Rifle". Arizona inventor Jack Cover designed it in 1969; naming it for the science fiction teenage inventor and adventurer character Tom Swift...Read Full Story

Andrew Meyer tasered

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Andrew Meyer is a sophomore at the University of Florida. Police used a taser to apprehend Andrew Meyer at a John Kerry speech on campus. Andrew Meyer was trying to ask one more question at the end of the speech, got animated, and refused to listen to police or calm down. Police used a taser on him once he began to resist arrest. The video has been widely circulated on YouTube. Students are now protesting the use of police tasers on University campus.Read Full Story