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Andy Wachowski Arrivals at the Australians in Film Awards Gala
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Andy Wachowski Celebs Leaving the 'Cloud Atlas' Premiere After Party in London
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Thom Yorke 
Andy Wachowski Cloud Atlas - Gala Screening
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7 Awkward Moments from Channing Tatum's 'Jupiter Ascending'

By Lani Conway on
(Warner Bros.)In the anticipated sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending, Channing Tatum undergoes a major transformation to play Caine, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter who arrives on Earth to track down Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis). Jupiter is, of course, genetically destined to rule the universe. Her fate could significantly alter the balance of the universe. After watching the trailer, one major thing stands out: the imagery is epic, if not somewhat cheesy. The stars and planets, intricate...Read Full Story

Channing Tatum Is Playing Some Kind of 'Half Albino' Werewolf in the Wachowskis' Next Weird Movie

By JJ Duncan on
(Getty Images)We would be curious about the Wachowskis' next project, Jupiter Ascending, even if it weren't for new details straight from the mouth of Channing Tatum. But now we really can't wait to hear more about the upcoming sci-fi flick, due in theaters sometime next year.While talking about White House Down with co-star Jamie Foxx, Tatum filled in a few details on Jupiter Ascending, explaining to Collider just what kind of creature he's going to be playing."I’m a splice, splices are...Read Full Story
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