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Ann Romney Mitt Romney Takes on Evander Holyfield in Charity Boxing Event
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Ann Romney Republican National Committee Holds Winter Meeting
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Mitt Romney, Rick Perry 
Ann Romney Gov. Christie Celebrates Birthday With Mitt Romney In New Jersey
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Ann Romney Plane Fire, Emergency Landing (Picture and Update)

By Deena Bustillo on
Ann Romney had a big scary while flying the friendly skies today. Her plane had to make an emergency landing in Colorado this afternoon after there was a small cockpit fire.The cabin reportedly filled with smoke and, luckily, the aircraft landed safely without any injuries. A rep for Romney tweeted about the event, "All okay. Thank goodness."The fire department was on scene as soon as the plane landed and made certain there was no danger of further damage or disaster. The plane was traveling...Read Full Story

'Modern Family' Creator Invites Ann Romney to Officiate Cam & Mitchell's Wedding

By Jill Slattery on
Ann Romney (Getty), Cameron and Mitchell on 'Modern Family' (ABC) Modern Family is getting political.First Lady hopeful Ann Romney told Entertainment Tonight earlier this week that her favorite television show is Modern Family. You know, the one with the two gay men who are in a committed relationship and have an adopted daughter? It was an interesting choice given the fact that both Ann and her husband Mitt Romney have publicly stated that they don't believe in marriage equality.When...Read Full Story

Ann Romney Pictures and Bio (Hilary Rosen Comments Update)

By Deena Bustillo on
Ann Romney is the wife of Mitt Romney. Mrs. Romney has come front and center in election coverage this week after Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen sparked a heated debate about women and the economy.Rosen said Mrs. Romney could not understand the struggles of women in the workforce because she "never worked a day in her life," since she's a stay-at-home mother. Of course, this did not sit will with many folks and prompted an apology from Rosen.Rosen stated in her apology: "Let's put the...Read Full Story
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