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Anna Nicole Smith The White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
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Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter: Dannielynn Birkhead is Growing Up and Gorgeous (PICS)

By Deena Bustillo on
Dannielynn Birkhead, the daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith, was front and center at the premiere of The Smurfs 2 Sunday and one thing's for sure: She's growing up fast. The little lady walked the red carpet with dad Larry Birkhead and they looked happy as can be at the event. The blonde was a natural in front of the cameras in her adorable Smurfs outfit and big flower headband.Dannielynn is now 6, believe it or not. Smith passed away just months after she was born in September 2006...Read Full Story

The Anna Nicole Smith Lifetime Movie Is Shockingly Accurate

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photo: Getty Images)If you're only introduction to Anna Nicole Smith was the trailer for the Lifetime Original movie about her life, you might be inclined to think she's a ficitonal character. What actual woman sounds like she's high on helium, wears clown makeup, does a ton of drugs, has a lesbian encounter in an elevator, and marries a man old enough to be her grandfather?Hard though it is to believe, that was Anna Nicole's life. And if you need further convincing, the folks over at...Read Full Story

How They Turned Agnes Bruckner from a B-cup to a DD for the Anna Nicole Smith Movie

By Darrick Thomas on
(Photos: Getty Images | Lifetime)Usually the phrase "movie magic" is reserved for awesome special effects or adrenaline-pumping action sequences, but for the Lifetime Original movie about the life of Anna Nicole Smith, "movie magic" means the lead actress giant boobs without putting her under the knife.Anges Brucker, who plays Anna Nicole in the biopic, has a far more petite frame than her voluptuous counterpart. And if you know anything about Anna Nicole, aka former Playboy Playmate Anna...Read Full Story

Watch the Trailer for 'The Anna Nicole Story'

By Darrick Thomas on
Six years after her death, Anna Nicole Smith is getting the biopic treatment. Appropriately, the life and death of the Playboy Playmate will be chronicled in the Lifetime original, The Anna Nicole Story, which will premiere June 29. Agnes Bruckner stars as the troubled starlet, who, from her humble beginning in rural Texas, became one of the most recognizable modern-day pinup girls in the world, only to die from a perscription overdose at 39 while embroiled in a legal battle over her late...Read Full Story

Nicole Smith Daughter: Dannielynn Birkhead Pictures, $49 Million Fortune Update

By Deena Bustillo on
Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn Birkhead is only 6, but she could be getting about $49 million in sanctions from the estate of her late mother's deceased husband, E. Pierce Marshall, the New York Post reports.This week, a federal judge ruled that the tycoon's estate could have to "pay sanctions over 'massive discovery abuse' in the Koch Industries heir's scorched-earth legal battle against his stepmother, the late 'Playboy' model Anna Nicole Smith."The legal war over the estate had...Read Full Story
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