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Aroldis Chapman New York Yankees vs. San Francisco Giants
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Aroldis Chapman Divisional Round - Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees - Game Four
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Aroldis Chapman Divisional Round - New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox - Game Two
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Aroldis Chapman -- Star Cuban pitcher defects home country for Major League

By Tiffanie on
Baseball fans are keeping a careful eye on Cuban pitcher Aroldis Chapman. The left-handed 21-year old, who clocked 100 mph in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, left the Cuban national team when they were in the Netherlands for a tournament. He is reportedly flying to Miami on Thursday.MLB reported: "I walked out easily, right through the hotel door, and I hopped into a car and left," Chapman said. "It was easy. Now the plan is to sign with a Major League team." A source told ESPN.com that...Read Full Story