Artist of the Week: Fur Trade

By Alicia Dennis on
(Brendan Meadows)Fur Trade is ready to get weird."We both wanted to get more exploratory," the duo's Parker Bossley explains in a phone call from Vancouver, where the duo wrote and recorded their just-released full-length debut Don't Get Heavy. "Sometimes you feel like when you've done a project for too long, it's hard to shake the cobwebs off — you can't really reinvent projects all the time, if you want to do something new.""When you have a little bit of a fanbase with one project, you...Read Full Story

Artist of the Week: Turnpike Glow

By Alicia Dennis on
(Courtesy The Syndicate) UK-based band Turnpike Glow came together in Rome, Italy, where their gloriously optimistic brand of synthy indie pop was an anomaly in a scene dominated by big label pop artists (Robbie Williams is practically revered over there). Now based in the UK, the band has just released its sophomore EP Fünke Pop, an unabashedly upbeat follow-up to their 2012 release Inflatable Optimism.The band is already at work on its debut full-length album, and hopes to embark on its...Read Full Story

Artist of the Week: Night Riots

By Alicia Dennis on
(Big Picture Media)Several of the songs on Night Riots' just-released EP Young Lore reflect the atmosphere in which the band was created, a sleepy coastal town with one stoplight. Friends since high school, Night Riots (formerly PK) have moved beyond the confines of Templeton, California, but they still create a sound that Nylon Guys beautifully compared to "standing up in the back of a convertible that is driving down the PCH under a starlit sky."The band's drummer Rico Rodriguez took the...Read Full Story

Artist of the Week: Machines Are People Too

By Alicia Dennis on
(Courtesy Big Picture Media)Machines Are People Too's brand new sophomore EP, Nickles and Dimes, was at one point going to be titled Summer Break '08. It would have been a fitting title for the six-song collection of unabashedly happy songs."I feel like everything on the new record just kind of has this brightness," the group's lead singer Brian Sylvester explained in a phone call. "I think the other record, our first one, is a little more electronic sounding, a little more dancey, and little...Read Full Story

Artist of the Week: JJAMZ

By Alicia Dennis on
(Courtesy Total Assault)Chances are you already love "Heartbeat," the blissfully bittersweet single from Los Angeles-based quintet JJAMZ. The song, which juxtaposes an ebullient, summertime sound with wistful, vulnerable lyrics, went viral in the second half of 2012 thanks to prime placement in a video for the new MySpace. "It's so funny. We so had no idea what a big thing that was. I remember sort of being asked, 'Hey, do you want your song in some MySpace thing,' and we were like 'Sure...Read Full Story
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