President George W. Bush backs up Gonzales

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Despite many calls for the Attorney's resignation, from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress, President George Bush remains confident that U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales did ``nothing wrong'' in the firings of 8 federal prosecutors.Here is what Bush had to say: ``Al could've done a better job and his department could've done a better job of just explaining why we did what we did,'' Bush said in an interview in New York today on PBS television's ``Charlie Rose'' show. ``Instead...Read Full Story

Bush wants Gonzales to stay

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"This is an honest, honorable man, in whom I have confidence," President Bush said this week. Bush said that Gonzales' testimony before the Judiciary Committee senators last week "increased my confidence" in Gonzales' ability to lead the Justice Department. Wow!¬† Not sure if Bush heard the same testimony that we did...Read Full Story

Monica M. Goodling pleads the 5th

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Monica M. Goodling, who has taken an indefinite leave of absence, said in a sworn affidavit to the Senate Judiciary Committee that she will "decline to answer any and all questions" about the firings because she faces "a perilous environment in which to testify."¬†Seems that everyone has something to hide in this trial...Read Full Story