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Avan Jogia 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party - Inside
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Avan Jogia 2017 Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy Party - Red Carpet
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Avan Jogia KENZO, Humberto Leon, Carol Lim and Natasha Lyonne Premiere 'Cabiria, Charity, Chastity' in New York City
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Recasting 'The Breakfast Club' 30 Years Later

By Joe Robberson on
What better time than an anniversary to update a modern classic?Read Full Story

'Twisted Recap: The Murder Weapon Is Found and Danny's Dad Makes a Surprise Appearance

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(ABC Family)Spoiler alert: This entire Twisted recap is tainted by the sound of my own screams having watched the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars. From the most exciting show on TV, we go to perhaps, one of the  more unexceptional. Today, Lacey is left to contend with the fallout from everyone seeing her bounce up and down upon the naked genital parts of one Danny "Murderer" Desai. And it ain't pretty. The fallout, I mean. I can't speak as to the beauty of Danny's genitals, and for that...Read Full Story

'Twisted' Recap: The One With the Sex Tape

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(This is what stankface looks like. Photo: ABC Family)After finding out that Danny had possession of Regina's necklace, something he kept from his friends, Lacey and Jo decide to friend-break-up with him. This causes Danny to rest his head in hands and dream of Lacey's girl parts. At school, Rico confronts his mathlete nerd friend Doug about sending him the sex tape of Lacey and Danny. Doug remains cryptic, refusing to finger who gave him the video. Danny trundles away from being broken up...Read Full Story

'Twisted' Recap: The One Where Danny Is Almost Sent To Arizona

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(Kiss him.)(Photo: ABCFamily)It's time to recap ABCFamily's slowest paced whodunnit, everyone! Ah, but that Twisted could ever manage to pass muster and live up to its name. This week, Karen is being held by Sheriff Masterson after confessing to offing Regina to spare her son from any further harrassment. It's a piss-poor confession since, you know, Karen didn't do it. But she's desperate enough after last week's terrible party that she sees this as a chance to give Danny a normal teenaged...Read Full Story

'Twisted' Recap: The One Where A Bunch Of People Dress Up Like Danny!

By Rebecca Jane Stokes on
(shirtless Danny = OKAY BY ME)If it’s Tuesday, it’s time for Twisted, and if it’s Twisted, it’s apparently DANNY FULL-ON MAKING OUT WITH LACY! #SecretRomance, you guys. Danny wants to tell Jo that he and Lacey are touching each others’ parts. Lacey is against that. Lacey is also urging Danny to talk to his mom about his dad’s death. Lacey continues to be a jerk about being seen with Danny because he is a murderer so it is uncool for them to be seen together. They make plans for a secret date...Read Full Story
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