Backstreet Boys Celebrate Girl Power By Dressing Up As The Spice Girls

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Backstreet's Back: Nick Carter Joins the Cast of 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Time to Compare Super Cheesy Boy Band Comeback Singles

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(BMG) Remember O-Town? They were the adorable fresh faces from the first season of MTV's reality TV show Making the Band, and the auteurs behind the wildly successful single "Liquid Dreams" (use your imagination). After a decade-long hiatus, the boys have finally released their comeback single, the overly dramatic "Skydive" (recorded sans baby-faced cutie Ashley Parker Angel, you should note) ahead of the release of their forthcoming album Lines & Circles. Have a listen to the new track: Here...Read Full Story

Pop Battle: Spice Girls vs. Backstreet Boys

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(Getty Images)There's a fabulous new rumor making the Internet rounds this week — buzz that's so exciting for those of us who came of age in the mid-to-late '90s, it almost doesn't even matter if it's true (please, please make it happen, universe). According to UK tabloid The Sun, which admittedly doesn't have a great track record with truth-telling, the Backstreet Boys are mulling over a world reunion tour with none other than the Spice Girls."We are actually in early talks about maybe doing...Read Full Story

The Lyric 'Throw Your Hands in The Air Like You Just Don't Care' Is Officially Played Out

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(Photos: Getty Images | RCA)When you're trying to make a carefree pop song about partying the night away, coming up with a clever, thoughtful lyric isn't always a top priority. That's why we end up with simple rhymes designed to signal to the listener, "Hey, this is a good time, right?" And there's nothing particularly wrong with that — everyone likes a good time — except when the lyrics become so lazy, that good time feels like a cliche. (Lorde knows what we're talking about.)That's where we...Read Full Story

Nick Carter Wants Your Money to Make a 'Sexy, Scary and Gory Movie'

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Devoted Backstreet Boys fans might think they know everything there is to know about Nick Carter, but some may still be surprised to learn that he's a major horror buff — and that he aspires to become a film producer and screenwriter. Carter recently launched a fundraising campaign via IndieGogo to make his Hollywood dreams a reality. In a video introduction on the site, he explains, "The reason I'm looking to crowd fund this film is because it not only helps me to gauge interest in this...Read Full Story

The Three Most Ridiculous Lines from the Backstreet Boys' New Single 'One Phone Call'

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(Getty) Today, boy group the Backstreet Boys released yet another single off their forthcoming comeback album In a World Like This. "One Phone Call" is everything you want in a boy band pop tune. There's love, loss, heartfelt lyrics, and a catchy beat that makes your day brighter — even if the song isn't all that joyous. But on this track, the boys decided to take it to a whole new level when they made that "one phone call" — you know, the only one you get after you've been thrown in the...Read Full Story