Stars' Style Decades: Time Warped Celeb #6

6. Bai Ling
No Comment.  Getty Images.
Yes, Chinese import Bai Ling has made our list of time-warped celebrities.  Her style isn't exactly retro... much as...futuristic?
Getty Images
Oh God, I hope not.  Can you imagine Miley Cyrus wearing this in 2020?
GET BAI'S LOOK: Proceed with caution.  Bai seems to love her severe blunt bang, cut low across her forehead.  She also sometimes wears chunky haircolors, usually blocks of red (try a temporary spray). She wears a lot of eyeliner, and would probably enjoy the bright, sparkly colors of Rimmel's Eye Crayon line (in electric blue, pink, violet, and orange).  In terms of what you put on your body: anything goes, as long as you show some skin.  Giant crazy boots are a plus.

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