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Barbara Amiel Conrad Black Attends Bail Hearing In Chicago
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Barbara Amiel throwing stones

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"Barbara Amiel Black is beginning to stress out and her husband's trial has only just started, People who live in glass houses, should NOT throw stones." blogs "Buckdog" on buckdogpolitics.blogspot.com .Read Full Story

Everyone expects Barbara Amiel to be a character

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"Whether she's in court or not, Lady Black will be a distraction."-- Anne KingstonSeems that the Conrad Black trial is off to a very dramatic start. His wife Barbara seems to have no problem insulting reporters and the media. She's not trying to make friends...Read Full Story

Barbara Amiel calls reporters vermin

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Regarding her negative comments about reporters, Barbara Amiel said:"It was a private conversation with my stepdaughter and I'm not going to confirm or deny those words," Amiel Black said."They were about specific journalists and they know who they are," said the former newspaper editor and columnist. "And I am here for more important things, I really am."Read Full Story

Barbara Amiel Black is slinging dirt

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Barbara Amiel Black has referred to journalists at Conrad Black's fraud trial as "vermin".  She also called one TV producer a "slut."The media is gonna love her!Read Full Story