Barefoot Bandit Arrested Barefoot

By JJ Duncan on
Police have taken Colton Harris-Moore into custody after a two year run in which he earned the moniker the Barefoot Bandit. Arrested barefoot in the Bahamas, news agences have gleefully run a picture of Colton's arrest that shows his bare feet shackled in chains at the ankle. A more fitting image would be hard to imagine. Colton Harris-Moore has been on the run since he escaped from a halfway house in April, 2008. He was dubbed the Barefoot Bandit after brazenly breaking into several...Read Full Story

Barefoot Bandit Arrested in Bahamas [Picture and Video]

By Deena Bustillo on
The Barefoot Bandit, real name Colton Harris-Moore, has been captured after 2 years on the run. He ran away from a halfway house in 2008, and since then the 6 foot 5 19-year-old has allegedly done things like steal cars, boats, and planes. He was finally arrested in the Bahamas, according to CNN. Barefoot Bandit was arrested in the Bahamas this morning. (CNN) According to police, someone reported a sighting of the Barefoot Bandit, and after a boat chase they finally got him about 2am this...Read Full Story