Quote about Barry Bonds finishing his tenure with the Giants

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I think there's a lot of sadness. When you step back from the sadness, you challenge yourself to think of any other run -- 15 years in one city. ... It's a very simple two words, but thank you. The 15 years run deep for all of us. He's had a lot of fun, we've had a lot of fun. He's had success. We've had success.--Giants executive vice president Larry BaerRead Full Story

Barry Bonds finishes up

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"Thank you Barry -- A Giant Forever"Read Full Story

Barry Bonds tied with Hank Aaron

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As of yesterday's game, Bonds is now tied for the all time homerun record in major league baseball.Bonds sounds like a happy man.  "There's no pressure on me now," Bonds said. "Mechanically, I've made some corrections [in my swing]. If I keep my mechanics right, you guys won't be around for long."He's fairly confident that he'll top the list.  Maybe as soon as tonight, at his home field in San Francisco."Just tell all my fans and family I'm coming home," Bonds said. "I'm coming home."Get...Read Full Story