Beavis and Butthead Return to MTV: Preview

By Adam Wenger on
After 14 long years, Mike Judge and Beavis and Butthead will finally return to MTV. ¬†¬†Starting tomorrow night, Thursday October 27, 2011, the world's most obnoxiously loveable animated duo will return to their pink couch. Word is they haven't aged or changed, they'll just be applying their lackwit commentary to a whole new generation of ridiculousness.Earlier this month Judge said the duo's surreal nature and utter lack of trendiness made them easy to bring back, and it's already easy for...Read Full Story

'Beavis and Butthead' Return October 27, 2011: Preview Videos

By JJ Duncan on
It's been 14 years since Beavis and Butthead left the small screen, and while the show's idiocy was clearly a point of pride for creator Mike Judge, its surprisingly sharp satire has been sorely missed. But fans of the show can finally rejoice because MTV and Mike Judge have both decided that the couch-dwelling morons are due for a return to television. Beavis and Butthead will return to MTV starting October 27, 2011, and the word is they haven't aged or changed, they'll just be applying...Read Full Story