Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

By John Newlin on
DON'T MISS: Master Bedroom Paint Ideas Bedroom Paint Colors - Paint Colors Paint Color Selection for the Bedroom When painting your bedroom, the biggest mistake people tend to make is painting by their first color preference. That is, someone says, "I like blue, so I'm going to paint my bedroom blue." This method usually ends with mixed degrees of success and failure; mostly the latter. Sometimes a home looks good with a blue bedroom, most times, it's a huge mistake and the color just...Read Full Story

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas That Work

By John Newlin on
The bedroom is the domestic personification of your character. One should be able to look at a picture of your bedroom and get a very well-informed idea as to what type of person you are. Extra care should be taken when designing your bedroom. Here are some good ideas. This is actually an abandoned master bedroom of a farm house in France. Pretty cool though if you could get that "abandoned French farm house" look. Ultra modern. Note the pink drapes and blanket. It's not for everyone. Some...Read Full Story
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