Check out the pictures below for a variety of options for bedroom shelves. It's important to keep in mind the space you have available, the style of your decor, and what the shelves will be holding.

These floating shelves are an incredibly popular option these days, and why not? They're simple, sleek, and they can hold anything you want to display. You can also install them almost anywhere in the room.

Believe it or not, this is actually a ladder painted white and being used as a shelving unit. It's a resourceful idea, and the end result looks great.

This room combines two shelving options: floating shelves and big vertical shelving units. Notice how they have staggered the floating shelves so that the plant fits in the space. It's stylish, and contemporary.

I love the look of this room, with the shelves on either side of the bed. When you have a LOT of books to store, you need a lot of shelves -- and this design solves the problem instantly.

Glass shelves aren't quite as popular, but you see them often in beach-style homes like this one. They work especially well as a display case for treasures you've found.

Images via Flikr
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