Bella Swan's Engagement Ring: Available on QVC?

By Alicia Dennis on
Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of The Twilight Saga, there is now a glut of antique-looking rings that very much resemble the diamond sparkler Edward Cullen slips on Bella Swan's finger during his proposal.Among the rings that look like they could be Bella Swan's is this Tacori IV Diamonique Epiphany 2.00 cttw Fancy Oval Ring, which retails for $82 from QVC. According to the product dscription, the simulated diamond is set in platinum clad sterling silver "to create a big bold look at...Read Full Story

Bella's Bracelet Hot Topic

By JJ Duncan on
Bella's bracelet, as sold by Hot Topic, is a replica of the prop bracelet she wore during The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie. It's a St. Jude bracelet made of wood and elastic and retails for $10 though you can probably find it cheaper.For those unfamiliar with St. Jude, he's known best as the patron saint of lost causes, desperate situations and hospitals. So we're not sure what the symbolism was in New Moon. Was it for Jacob, whose lost cause was winning Bella's heart? Or was it for Bella...Read Full Story

Bella's Dress in 'Twilight': Pictures and Video

By JJ Duncan on
Kristen Stewart started a fashion trend when she she donned Bella's dress in Twilight Saga: Eclipse, sending fans scurrying for the green taffeta birthday dress paired with a black cardigan and canvas shoes. The dress was soon a hot item at Hot Topic and can still be found for sale on eBay, where it sells for upwards of $100. Thanks to the Twilight franchise, Kristen has found herself an unlikely fashion icon, a press-averse actress who regularly looks resplendent on the red carpet...Read Full Story