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Betsey Johnson 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards - Inside
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Betsey Johnson Betsey Johnson's Pool Party at Sunset Tower
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Betsey Johnson Picture Betsey Johnson Picture Betsey Johnson Picture
Betsey Johnson NFL Unveils Super Bowl 50 Bespoke Designer Footballs In Collaboration With CFDA
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Betsey Johnson's Daughter Lulu is Launching Her Own Fashion Line

By Lauren Frankfort on
(via YouTube)Betsey Johnson's daughter, Lulu Johnson, had to put up with a lot growing up—including a fashion-forward mom who changed her hair color every day (oh, the humanity!).Along the way, Lulu picked up some pretty awesome design skills (she worked for her mom for 10 years!). According to The Stylish's  "In Focus" video, which features the mother/daughter duo, Lulu is currently designing her own line, Lulu and Allison, with her best friend Allison McLellan."It's definitely going to have...Read Full Story

Betsey Gets Back to Betsey for Spring 2010

By Alicia Dennis on
A few weeks ago, fashion designer Betsey Johnson told reporters that she planned a return to her "true self" with her Spring 2010 collection. Judging by photos of the presentation she held yesterday at New York's Plaza Hotel, Betsey's true self is covered in sequins, loud prints, tulle, and yes, crinoline.Betsey's presentations are always deliciously weird, but that doesn't mean her wares aren't completely wearable. Her fans will love the bustier dresses with voluminous gathered skirts...Read Full Story

Betsey Johnson Promises 'Cosmically Weird' Spring 2010 Collection

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty images. Who doesn't love Betsey Johnson?The veteran fashion designer, who recently confessed her hope to retire in the near future, has promised a "cosmically weird" Spring 2010 presentation at fashion week this year. Hopefully this means the cartwheels are back.She told UK Vogue, "I'm going back to my true blue pieces - and couture prom dresses. I'm hoping the clothes will get edgier - more archival and kick-ass shoulder pads. I just want to be more true blue me."Johnson has always...Read Full Story

Betsey Johnson Wants to Retire

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images. Don't Miss: Betsey Johnson Presents: Models Eating Cookies Betsey Johnson: Coming to Target? Betsey Johnson is tired of her commute, apparently.The beloved fashion designer - who has been a prom staple for decades—told NY Mag's The Cut, "I should be retired. I'm basically screwing up because I'm not retired. I'd liike to go in four days a month, something like that."Apparently Johnson has been preparing to bow out of her full-time role for some time now. She hopes to be...Read Full Story

Betsey Johnson Presents Models Eating Cookies

By Alicia Dennis on
Getty Images.Betsey Johnson was one of many designers who chose to forego the big, expensive hoopla of a runway show in favor of a more intimate presentation this year. While we miss seeing her legendary cartwheels, this year's presentation had a really cute theme: "Betsey Crocker's Kitchen."Betsey converted her showroom into a giant retro kitchen for the "happy, eating/drinking show with hot waiter guys" (her own words). Indeed, some of the models nibbled on chocolate chip cookies while...Read Full Story
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