Betty White Starts Trending, Panic Ensues

Not to worry: the actress is reportedly 'in great health and as spry as ever.' Happy 96th birthday, Betty!

Betty White Starts Trending, Panic Erupts

Don't scare us like that, social media.

Wednesday, January 17 marked legendary actress Betty White's 96th birthday. Maybe we're all still scarred from 2016 (#neverforget), but the minute fans saw the actress trending, they panicked.

It wasn't until Twitter specified why Betty was a hot topic (being the birthday girl and all) that the Internet took a collective breath of relief.

To be fair, reaching the age of 96 is no small feat. We've lost plenty of beloved stars at much earlier stages in their lives, and the world is simply not ready to be Betty-less. The panic is justified.

According to TMZ, however, the actress is doing just fine: "Betty's relaxing Wednesday for her bday and plans on having a low-key dinner tonight at a friend's house... we're told she's in great health and as spry as ever," the site reports.

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Betty White is an all-star actress with the longest television career of any female entertainer. For this reason, she's known as the Grand Dame of Television. While she's acted for more than seven decades, she's most famous for The Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore. She is an avid advocate for animal rights, and has been inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. Most recently, she appeared in Freeform's Young & Hungry.

Happy birthday, Betty White!

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