Let's Talk About Channing Tatum's Ridiculous Facial Hair in 'Jupiter Ascending'

(Warner Bros. Pictures) 

Warner Bros. Pictures has hit us with a brand new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller Jupiter Ascending. While the film looks absolutely stunning, there's something facial-hair related that's catching our attention.
For his role as an elf-eared interplanetary warrior, Channing Tattum sports a very peculiar blond goatee. Although we'll take the actor any way we can get, there's truly something about the facial fuzz that's hindering our ability to appreciate his high-flying action sequences, steamy make out sessions with co-star Mila Kunis, and brooding, shirtless moments — perhaps it has something to do with his matching blond eyebrows, no?

Seriously, how did Kunis get through this scene without laughing hysterically or getting tickled?

Some of you on the Internet agree with our sentiments: But let's settle this facial hair dilemma once and for all. How do you feel about it? 
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Finally, check out the trailer for Jupiter Ascending. The film (and Tatum's goatee) hit theaters July 18th. 

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