A Definitive Ranking of Hilary Duff Singles

A Definitive Ranking of Hilary Duff Singles

After a 7-year hiatus Hilary Duff has finally made her highly-anticipated return to music with a brand new single. In "Chasing the Sun," the Duff moves away from bubblegum pop and Avril Lavigne-type soft rock to a lighter, folksier sound. The track was co-penned by Colbie Caillat which probably explains why it sounds like the perfect soundtrack for your next day at the beach. Though Duff's comeback single is no "Soak Up the Sun," it does prove she's matured as an artist and isn't so willing to simply jump on the EDM train like so many looking to reinvent themselves have. 

So what do you think of Duff's comeback single? Does the former Lizzie McGuire star have what it takes to rise the charts in 2014, or is she So Yesterday? To help you decide, we've ranked all of Duff's singles to see where "Chasing the Sun" falls into the mix. 

14. "Why Not" (2003)
The teen carpe diem jam was part of the soundtrack for The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It's bubbly, cheesy, and definitely not her best. Video bonus to the dudes with the John Rzeznik haircut.

13. "Little Voice" (2003)
Duff edgy here isn't really working for us. 

12. "Someone's Watching Over Me" (2004)
This single from the Raise Your Voice soundtrack apparently was considered as a possible contender for Best Original Song at the 77th Academy Awards. Who would have thought? 

11. "Our Lips Are Sealed" (2004)
In this case, two Duffs aren't necessarily better than one.

10. "Wake Up" (2005)
Is it mildly catchy and addictive? Yes. But lyrics like "Wake up, wake up on a Saturday night /
Could be New York / Maybe Hollywood and Vine / London, Paris maybe Tokyo / There's something going on anywhere I go" kill it. 

9. "Beat of My Heart" (2005)
Away, away! Away, awaaaaay! 

8. "Play with Fire" (2006)
It's sooooo boogielicious. 

7. "Reach Out" (2008)
The Depeche Mode sample sort of gives the track some clout. 

6. "Come Clean" (2003)
For anyone who ever watched MTV's Laguna Beach, this was the jam. 

5. "Fly" (2004)
The theatricality in this ballad is epic and shall we say a little Evanescence-esque? 

4. "Chasing the Sun" (2014)
It's as if Colbie Caillat and Sheryl Crow had a baby and produced this folksy summer gem. 

3. "So Yesterday" (2003) 

The song isn't her best, but it's classic Duff. We know you know the lyrics. 

2. "Stranger"
Though the song didn't do so well on the charts, it's dark, edgy, and spawned the best Ibiza-ready remix

1. "With Love" (2007)
We kindly demand Duff team up with Kylie Minogue ASAP to create beat-heavy, electro gold. Thank you. 

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