In the current political climate, it’s all about feel-good TV.
The show has never broken from the comics like this.
What's the future for Kevin Spacey's disgraced former POTUS now that Robin Wright has taken the reins?
The midseason finale is historically unkind to the good guys.
Jaime lost his hand, Cersei her beauty, so what does Tyrion have to lose?
Daryl in full revenge mode is a dangerous thing.
Plus, that thing in the sky. What does it mean?
Mindy Kaling is a trailblazer straight out of your rom-com dreams.
The 'Stranger Things' bully is more than your average mullet head.
This unexpected show has become the Fall season's biggest hit.
Could Nancy and Steve still end up together? 'Stranger Things' have happened.
Everything means something on the serial killer thriller.
If you can’t accept the first female doctor, then you need to re-evaluate your life choices.
Let's take a closer look at the real murderers behind Netflix's newest hit.
We've had enough of this guy already.
The series details some of the most horrifying crimes of the 20th century.
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