Bigfoot Alive and Well, Quite Productive, Too

By John Newlin on
So we're a bit confused. Today, there was a huge press conference in Palo Alto held by Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer who claim to have the body of a yeti, preserved in some freezer. CNN, ABC et al are covering the event. What's the big deal? We've had a sasquach working in our office for 4 months and not one news outlet has picked up the story. This is probably a good thing. Too many distractions would no doubt affect office productivity. Here are some photos taken of this beautiful creature...Read Full Story

Shocker... No Bigfoot at the Bigfoot Press Conference

By Livingly Staff on
Rick Dyer and Matthew Whitton hosted a press conference today in Palo Alto California to unveal the carcass of a "furry half-man". These guys have been searching for Mr Bigfoot for a long time now...but did they ever ask themselves why bigfoot doesn't want to be found?Here's our top 10 reasons why Bigfoot doesn't want to be found:10. Doesn't want to be made into a bigfoot vest9. He's actually in the witness protection program8. Hasn't decided yet who he wants to endorse, Obama or Mccain?7. He...Read Full Story