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Bill Nighy 'The Kindness Of Strangers' Press Conference - 69th Berlinale International Film Festival
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Bill Nighy 'The Kindness Of Strangers' Photocall - 69th Berlinale International Film Festival
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Bill Nighy 'Sometimes Always Never' World Premiere - 62nd BFI London Film Festival
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The Famous Faces Behind TV's Unseen Narrators

By Darrick Thomas on
(Getty) Narration is a familiar tool in the TV trade, but usually it's done by one of the show's characters or by a regularly seen host. Most of the time there's a face to put to the words that move the story along. However, on occasion the narrator is just a voice, a faceless yet typically omniscient presence there to comfort and entertain without ever appearing onscreen. But just because we don't see these narrators doesn't mean they're not famous. Meg Ryan, a household name by any standard...Read Full Story

Brand New 'I, Frankenstein' Character Posters Give Us Our First Glimpse of the Bad Guy

By JJ Duncan on
(Photos from Lionsgate)News around I, Frankenstein has been scarce leading up to its big reveal at Comic-Con this week, but Lionsgate is sating fans' appetites for the movie with three brand new character posters that reveal for the first time what the devilish bad guys and the good-guy gargoyles look like.For those who aren't familiar, I, Frankenstein stars Aaron Eckhart, probably best know as Two-Face in The Dark Knight, as Victor Frankenstein's monster, Adam, who's taken the last name of...Read Full Story

How Does Aaron Eckhart's Look in 'I, Frankenstein' Stack Up Against Our Favorite Frankenstein Monsters?

By Lani Conway on
Today, we got our first look at Harvey Dent Aaron Eckhart in all his monstrous glory. The 45-year-old actor is set to play novelist Mary Shelley's titular monster in the forthcoming Stuart Beattie-directed I, Frankenstein. In the film, Eckhart is hunted down by demons who want to learn the secret of his creation. Although not much has been revealed about the film, the new photo has given us a lot to work with costume-wise. In lieu of bolted heads, dark suits (thinking of you, Peter Boyle...Read Full Story