Watch 'Sesame Street' Characters Spoof Your Favorite TV Shows

By Deena Bustillo on
Sesame StreetIf you're in the market for a new dream job, you should probably add "Creator of Sesame Street Parodies" to your list. We've all seen the Cookie Monster spoof of "Call Me Maybe," but did you know the beloved kids' show has also tackled a ton of the best shows on the tube? True Mud for True Blood, for instance, and Homelamb for Homeland. See! How fun does that sound?Get inspired by Sesame Street stars tackling your favorite big-kid TV shows. "True Mud"Spoof of: True BloodPremise...Read Full Story

5 'Boardwalk Empire' Stars You Didn't Notice in This Year's Prestige Dramas

By JJ Duncan on
(From HBO)Not only has Boardwalk Empire won respect and laurels aplenty, but it's also turned into a recruiting ground for some of the top filmmakers in the industry. While series lead Steve Buscemi has picked up a Golden Globe and a SAG award for his work as Nucky Thompson, the supporting cast has started cropping up left and right in some of the best movies of the year. With that in mind, here are six actors from the show you might not have noticed in some of 2013's top dramas.1. Shea...Read Full Story

'Boardwalk Empire' Villain Bobby Cannavale Delivers Emmy Upset in Best Supporting Actor Category

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(Getty Images)As the psychotic mobster Gyp Rosetti, Bobby Cannavale terrified Boardwalk Empire fans with a series of increasingly violent killings. It was an intense role that broke Cannavale out of relative obscurity, but he was still far from a favorite going into Sunday night's Emmys. The actor was up against some serious competition, including two Breaking Bad favorites: Aaron Paul and Jonathan Banks.Cannavale looked appropriately surprised while taking the stage to accept his award...Read Full Story

'Boardwalk Empire' All About Family in Season 2 Premiere

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The second season of Boardwalk Empire wasted no time in scattering its signature booze and bullet shells over the shore of Atlantic City. The first episode opened with a violent Ku Klux Klan raid on Chalky's distillery. The Klansmen slit a throat before blasting the joint with a Gatling gun, killing four of Chalky's people before he took aim and blasted one hooded villain in the neck. Of course it's that one white life that sets the wheels in motion for Nucky's first challenge of the...Read Full Story