Jamaica says Bob Woolmer died of natural causes

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Jamaican Police initially said that they were treating Woolmer's death as "suspicious". Tthe post-mortem autopsy suggested that Bob Woolmer's death "was due to asphyxia as a result of manual strangulation". But today Jamaican Police stated that they found "no suspicious circumstances" surrounding the late coaches death. In the main points to come out of an official Police statement, it was agreed... SkySports summarized the main points of the police report: -No substance was found for the...Read Full Story

Woolmer called his book 'Inshallah'

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The Pakistan cricket team’s ‘descent’ into praying rather than playing because of the infiltration of an other-worldly proselytising sect of Islam called the Tableeghi Jamaat (TJ) worried their murdered coach Bob Woolmer so much he was writing a book titled 'Inshallah', TOI has learnt. The book, due out at the end of March, had been accepted by a South African publisher. It has now been shelved. Woolmer openly expressed his irritation at the Pakistan World Cup Squad’s pronounced TJ...Read Full Story

Was Bob Woolmer poisoned with aconite

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Police are now investigating possible aconite poisoning in the murder case of Bob Woolmer.  An anonomous tip off to police suggested that aconite poison may have been used in the murder.Read Full Story

Woolmer was strangled !!!

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Jamaican police who are currently investigating the death of the Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer who was found unconcious in his hotel room the very next morning after Pakistan shockingly lost to Ireland in the cricket world cup are now saying that Woolmer was strangled to death and are now treating the case as a case of murder. A pathology report suggests that Woolmer was 'manually strangled'. However, taking into account the politics that heavily play in a tournament of this magnitude...Read Full Story

Mike Gatting about Bob Woolmer

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Former England captain Mike Gatting expressed his sorrow at Bob Woolmer's sudden death: "Woolmer was a fine, charming man. He had done wonders with the South African team and was a great innovator of the game," said Gatting. "It's a great tragedy for all of us. He was a wonderful person and a thorough professional."Read Full Story