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Bobby Dekeyser Metropolitan Opera Season Opening
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Bobby Dekeyser Picture
Bobby Dekeyser Berlin Opening Night of Gala & Ufa Fiction
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Bobby Dekeyser 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Premieres in Berlin
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Bobby Dekeyser and Gina Gershon Pictures, Dating Info

By Deena Bustillo on
Bobby Dekeyser is the boyfriend of actress Gina Gershon. You may not know his name, but he's mega rich and mega famous in the¬†outdoor furniture world.Dekeyser, who was a pro soccer goalkeeper early in his career, is now a guru of super cool outdoor furniture. He even opened the Dedon Island Resort on the island of Siargao where his furniture is displayed and outdoor activity is emphasized. In short, it's amazing.As far as his personal life goes, he started dating Gershon around 2012, two...Read Full Story