Did Bobby Jindal Lie About His Katrina Rescue Efforts?

By JJ Duncan on
It's been a bad week for Bobby Jindal. And it's all because of that stupid decision to give the Republican party rebuttal to President Barack Obama's not-quite State of the Union address.After being compared to 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page and roundly panned by even his own party, details are emerging that he flat out lied about some key points in his presentation.In a story at the core of Jindal's folksy speech, he described an instance where he gave serious moral support to the now-deceased...Read Full Story

Bobby Jindal, AKA Kenneth the Page

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(Getty Images)The World was introduced to Bobby Jindal last night and the Internet has cast its verdict: he is the real life equivalent of 30 Rock's Kenneth the Page (played by the hilarious Jack McBrayer).With his thick southern accent and penchant for colloquialisms, the comparison was made even before he was done with his presentation as comments were made during's live webcast. The facebook group for Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page was quickly created in honor of the uncanny...Read Full Story

Bobby Jindal's Veep Credentials Broken Down

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Piyush "Bobby" Jindal Bobby Jindal (Getty Images)Born: June 10, 1971 (age 37); Baton Rouge, LouisianaSpouse: Supriya Jolly Jindal Current Residence: Kenner, LouisianaReligion: Roman CatholicCollege: Brown University; Oxford UniversityCredentials: U.S. House of Representatives from Louisiana's 1st District 2005-2008; Governor of Louisiana Jan. 2008-presentThe GoodGarnered bipartisan support when appointed Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and EvaluationBrings...Read Full Story