Miley Isn't the Only Talented Cyrus Sibling, FYI

Getty ImagesIt has certainly been the Year of the Miley in the entertainment world, but did you know there are many more Cyrus siblings? And they're not just sitting around mooching off of their sister's paycheck (or "Achy Breaky Heart" royalties), either. Miley's two sisters and three brothers are also in showbiz, to some extent. Hey, maybe someday they'll start a family band.

Meet the rest of the family:

Brandi Cyrus
Age: 26
Relationship: Miley's half-sister (Tish's daughter from a previous relationship)
Known for: Brandi is a guitarist for the band Frank and Derol. She most recently made a splash on the red carpet at the American Music Awards — you know, the event where Miley sang half-naked with a cat.

She's also the cover girl for the December issue of Nationalist magazine. Somebody's really trying to make Brandi happen.

Trace Cyrus
Age: 24
Relationship: Miley's half-brother (Tish's son from a previous relationship)
Known for: He was the guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist of the defunct band Metro Station. Now he's all of those things for his new and improved band Ashland HIGH. They've released two albums. He also owns a clothing company called From Backseats to Bedrooms — which probably just means they make sweatpants.

Trace was also engaged to actress Brenda Song in 2011. They ended their relationship in 2012, got back together in 2013, and it's unclear what their deal is now. Oh, and he's known for his many, many, many tattoos.

Braison Cyrus
Age: 19
Relationship: Miley's brother
Known for: Braison has appeared in an episode of Hannah Montana, but this year he made headlines for his first modeling shots. He signed to Wilhelmina Models back in November 2012 and sizzled in Troix magazine's "Boys of Summer" feature. Apparently he's currently enrolled in film school and hopes to pursue acting.

Noah Cyrus
Age: 13
Relationship: Miley's sister
Known for: This little lady got her acting start at the age of three, playing a small role in the TV show Doc. She also was in a few episodes of Hannah Montana with her big sister. Her first "big" role was the voice of Ponyo in the anime feature film of the same name. Unfortunately, she's made the most headlines for things like posing with a stripper pole (at age 9) and wearing a sexy Halloween costume. And this video of her singing Akon's "Smack That." Sigh.

Christopher Cody Cyrus
Age: 21
Relationship: Miley's half-brother (the son of Billy Ray and a waitress)
Known for: Okay, so Chris Cyrus isn't exactly in the family business. But his relationship (well, lack of) to the rest of the family is what he's known for. Chris was born months before Miley and grew up with his mom, a waitress who Billy Ray dated shortly before meeting Tish. There's been gossip over the years that Chris has little contact with the Cyrus family and doesn't get a share of the wealth, either. However, it appears that he currently goes to law school in Austin, Texas and has two kids and a whole life of his own. At least according to Facebook.

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